Edifice successfully completed an IoT project for a reputed dairy in India. The customer had multiple systems and equipment’s some of which were partially monitored while other were manually monitored. Edifice successfully connected various types of systems for monitoring purpose. A user interface was designed for local control, monitoring and reporting purpose of different types of equipment’s. The project involved correct monitoring and control of Temperatures, flow in and out of systems and helped the customer quantify the amount of energy savings achieved through the implementation of the system. The system also worked as their Energy Management system by integrating and reporting the consumption of water and electrical energy.

Further, the collected data was used for charting, alarming and analysis. This data was sent to a cloud server for long term data recording. The cloud server also had different UI and analytics helping the customer perform long term analysis of plant operations. This help customer to come up with key KPIs and monitor the performance of each KPI.