About Us

Edifice Automation was founded in the year 2016 to combine the professional experience of Mr. Kishor Vyas in Factory Automation and the technical expertise of Sachin Dayma to work in the field of home/Building Automation, IoT and Analytics. In the short span of few years, Edifice already boasts of integrated Building Management projects in Industrial and Residential sectors.
We have partnered with companies offering innovative products like ConserveIt, Distech Controls offered by Messung Systems, Monnit Wireless sensors. We also offer energy saving solutions in partnership with Bosch.


We want to be successful partners for creating great solutions for customers. We want to make buildings easier to use, efficient to operate, enables everybody to participate and leverage the best the technology available.


We focus on building a lean and confident organisation which banks on our continuous learning process, drives a high level of individual accountability and performance management to achieve customer satisfaction. We would strive hard to add more solutions to our offering based on customer needs.


Our Group Companies: Digilog Automation Pvt Ltd

Digilog Systems, a part of the DigilogGroup, has been an integral part of the industrial automation fraternity since 1989. The company has been working in the area of factory automation and is engaged in providing Sales and Services for various range of industrial automation products. Digilog Systems offers automation consultancy for an entire spectrum of machinery and industrial processes, fulfilling the growing expectations of customers.

The sequence of operations at the company includes a detailed study of customers applications, developing comprehensive solutions followed by the proper commissioning of the automation systems. Our success can be attributed to the incorporation of innovative technologies in our functioning. This includes being abreast with the latest advancements in PLC, PC, VFDs, servo drives based control, SCADA systems and custom built PC software as applicable to factory automation needs.

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Our Team

Sachin Dayma

Sachin started his career with industrial/process automation with Kishor Vyas and worked in different domains like machine and process automation, SCADA applications, Water treatment and Energy Management systems. Later, Worked with honeywell as a team lead and domain expert for the dashboard team for providing analytics solutions to the building automation customers. As a part of the global Engineering services, later moved to US to work with the professional services team of Tridium. During this period contributed to designing and building of the various analytics and dashboard projects. Also, worked on some IoT and M2M analytics projects which helped to provide insight on improving the production details.

Kishor Vyas

Kishor comes with an experience of more than 3 decades managing companies having business interests in diverse areas like Retail, IT, Telecom, Factory Automation and E Commerce.”

Rajesh Mahajan

Rajesh is another veteran from Digilog group and completed his enginnering in 1990. He took to technical sales and has been working relentlessly along with Kishor to take Digilog from garage company to where it stands now. He is a director at Digilog and has also decided to look after the sales and marketing for the Edifice Automation.