Energy Saving Solutions

We provide the below solutions in association with Bosch Building Technologies division

Solar PV Installations
Don’t lose out on the opportunity to generate clean power inside your campus because of complex terrains or obstacles. With our expertise in design and engineering, we implement Solar PV plants customized to the available infrastructure in your premises.

We also provide different types of solar installations like

  • Rooftop Solar
  • Solar Parking

Integrated Heating and Cooling
You keep expending large amounts of electricity and fuel for heating and cooling applications at your facility. With customized solutions from Bosch for your facility, you can now reduce your electricity usage for such applications and thereby reduce emissions. The Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution focuses on aligning the overall heating and cooling requirements of your facility and creating synergies between the utilities and your processes.

HVAC Efficiency Improvement
High amounts of maintenance and heavy manual intervention are issues are persistent issues in an ineffective HVAC system. Bosch identifies key parameters which impact consumption by understanding historical consumption trends, utilization levels and loading, and makes suitable improvements in your HVAC systems.

Steam Distribution Optimization
Most manufacturing facilities struggle with maintaining the efficiency levels of the steam generation and distribution systems. With our Steam Distribution Optimization solution, we can ensure uniform heating, avoidance of live steam leakages and lower maintenance costs. 

Waste Heat Recovery Solution
Inefficient processes result in a large amount of wasted heat. With expert design and engineering from Bosch, we can help you recover waste heat from your processes and increase the efficiency. By utilizing recovered waste heat, you can cut down on your fuel consumption and realize substantial cost savings.